Kim Hasty

“Janet Gibson’s genuine compassion for others and commitment to flawless prose shine through in every unforgettably compelling story she writes. Whether she’s describing the aromas of homemade marinara, the tart sweetness of a salt-rimmed margarita, or the steadfast resilience of someone overcoming the greatest of odds, Janet makes us feel like we’re right there at […]

Fifi O’Neill

“Janet is savvy, innovative and goal-oriented. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for more than 20 years. She contributed many articles to the magazines I produced and was a major asset to the publications. Janet combines knowledge, skills, enthusiasm and her ability to come up with unique concepts to obtain impressive results. I highly […]

Cynthia P. Ross

“A business card from Planet Janet reads a host of services available to you in an impressive and diversified genre. Her card is a list of an exceptional volume of life experiences in marketing, print, media and the public relations industry. Planet Janet has the talent and experience to successfully implement all the skills associated […]

Jeffery Womble

“Utilizing Planet Janet Media & Marketing was one of the wisest decisions I have ever made. The quality of the work and professionalism is unmatched. With any assignment that is undertaken, you can rest assured the end product is going to be something you will be proud to publish. Readers of our publications have complimented […]