Debbie Best

“I had an idea of what I wanted to write for an ad and marketing piece, but needed guidance in clarifying the vision. I knew I needed another set of eyes – and Janet was my first choice. Janet is an amazing wordsmith and helped me refine and polish the piece. I am so grateful […]

Shannon Coram

“This was the first time I have had a bio written for me. Janet did an amazing job! After reading her first rough draft, I was ready to buy a house from myself. I was extremely pleased with her work. She was very professional, responded quickly and is very talented. I would highly recommend Janet […]

Lisa Geddie

“Janet is our go-to person for her expertise in marketing, social media and, especially, in writing our real estate agent bios. She is approachable and professional, making others feel comfortable about opening up to share their own unique stories. We appreciate her knowledge and experience in our industry — and her amazing way with words!” […]

Kyle Hassell

“Janet was very helpful and accommodating with my request to write a bio. She was able to take highlights of my past and word it perfectly. — Kyle Hassell, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Advantage, Garner, N.C.

Lorraine Jordan

“My professional bio has been written by a professional writer this time, and it sounds great! As a touring musician for 20 years, I find it gets harder to book shows without a strong presence. Janet Gibson of Planet Janet perfectly captured my career in her writing of my bio. She is easy to work […]

Andy King

“Janet was able to take my story and bring the details to life … making my story not only interesting, but detailed and accurate in a succinct fashion that was easy to read and captivating. Janet also made the interview process very comfortable, allowing me to let my guard down and be vulnerable as it […]

Mallory Kubasko

“I knew Janet before asking her to do a real estate bio for me, and let me tell you, her optimism and kindness flows into everything she does. When Janet sent me the first draft of my bio, I was blown away. She described who I am in a way I have never had the […]

Casey Taylor

“She made me sound like a rock star in my professional bio!” — Casey Taylor, Coldwell Banker Advantage, Garner, N.C.

Chris Parker-Aker Villa

“After taking on a new position and industry, I was tasked to write my own bio for our company website, Carolina Digital Phone. I am not a writer … penning something about myself?! I thought who could I reach out to? The first person I thought of was my friend Janet! She is gifted, passionate, […]

Jessia Wahler

“When in the market for a professional biography or media consulting services, look only to Planet Janet. Writing about yourself and highlighting your own attributes can be hard. When you see yourself through Janet’s eyes, you will be amazed with both the depth and vision she creates that translate directly into how your clients perceive […]