Skyline State Of Mind

CityView Magazine, August 2021

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The Future Is Bright

Fayetteville State University website, August 2021

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Music & Munchies: Lorraine’s Serves Up
Casual Fare & Chart-Topping Bluegrass

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Spring/Fall 2020 FS&U Magazine

Honored to write about so many inspiring people for this magazine.

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Enjoyed spending time with these amazing ladies, even in a downpour!

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I’ve long known that Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist was going to make it big.

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CityView Magazine – February 2021

Athina and her mom, Cathey, are models of resilience.

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Soul-nurturing assignment … Front porch coffee and conversation, a crisp fall breeze, horse whispering, too.

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CityView Magazine, October 2020

Concept and Stories by Janet Gibson, CityView Magazine, June 2020.

Published In: CityView Magazine
Link To Post: https://www.cityviewnc.com/bos-birthday-parade-surprise-party-for-theater-icon-is-well-played/
Title: Bo’s Birthday Parade: Surprise Party For Theater Icon is Well-Played

Published In: CityView Magazine
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Title and Page Numbers:

  • Dr. Peggy Valentine, pages 30-35

Published In: FS&U Magazine, Winter 2019
Link To Magazine: https://issuu.com/fsu_publications/docs/_19__complete_winter_fs_u
Titles and Page Numbers:

  • A Lunch To Remember, pages 6-7
  • Dr. Peggy Valentine, cover, pages 12-21
  • A Family Affair, pages 22-29
  • One Man’s Vision, pages 30-33

Published In: Fayetteville State University Website
Link To Site: https://www.uncfsu.edu/military-successes
Title: Military Success

Title: A Lunch To Remember – Bronco Kickoff
Published In: Fayetteville State University News
Link To Full Article: https://www.uncfsu.edu/a-lunch-to-remember-bronco-kickoff

Sometimes a lunch break isn’t just a lunch break. Flashback to Tuesday, August 13, in Cook Quad. DJ Spaceage Timmy is blasting “Wobble Baby” as dancers take to the lawn and showcase their best moves – including an orange pig mascot who towers over the crowd. Lines have formed in front of various food trucks, dispensing such tasty fare as pork barbecue, fried fish, tacos, wings, Philly cheesesteaks and collard sandwiches.

Title: Were You There?
Published In: Fayetteville State University Website
Link To Article: https://www.planetjanetmedia.com/were-you-there/

Were you on the Fayetteville State campus in 1964?
If so, you’re encouraged to attend a free screening and panel discussion of a rediscovered documentary, “Vote and the Choice is Yours,” at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 30, in the Broadwell College of Business and Economics, room 145.